Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Old Stuff: Plan For Distribution Before You Shoot

When putting together a business plan for your independent feature, DO NOT skimp on a clear and concise distribution plan. This is the plan you will use if your film is not picked up by a distributor. It is necessary for investors to see how they will still recoup their money if your film doesn't end up in the center of a bidding war by distributors.

No fledgling business creates a business plan that doesn't include how the product gets to market, and since each film is like an entrepreneurial venture, you should not exclude it, either. It should include a description of the distribution team, marketing plan, distribution budget break-down, promotional partnerships, release strategy and schedule, projected revenues (based on similar film performances) and any other pertinent information. If intelligently put together, it will instill confidence in your investor that you know what to do with his/her money and provide you with a blueprint for getting your film out into the world.

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