Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Los Angeles is "Cine City" in June!!

Lotsa cine-stuff happening in Los Angeles this month and you will probably see me at ALL of it!!

Here's what's up in scheduled order:

Dances With Films - May 29th (TOMORROW NIGHT) thru June 8th
Los Angeles Greek Film Festival - June 4th thru June 8th
Cinegear - June 5th thru June 8th (don't worry, you can do both!) Exhibits are 6th and 7th
NALIP - June 5th thru June 8th
New Media Film Festival - June 10th and 11th
Los Angeles Film Festival - June 11th thru June 19th

And, I'm certain there's a much more that I'm forgetting - or simply not aware of. And, of course, there's also great stuff like LA Film Forum and Cinefamily, that happens on a regular basis.

Since I am an associate programmer of the LA Film Festival - as well as Filmmakers Alliance being a participating org - you will be hearing a lot more about that fest from me in the upcoming days. But I urge you, if you're in LA, to support your filmmaking community - and yourself - and get out to as much of this as you can!!

See ya there!!

In July:
Downtown Film Festival LA - July 9th thru July 19th
Outfest - July 10th thru July 20th

Friday, May 23, 2014

Interesting BFI Report on "Borrowed Time"

Here's an interesting case study on the British film "Borrowed Time", which was done more like an American Indie than the kinds of foreign films that hit our shores. Much to be learned from it.

Check it out!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

LAST DAY to Join FA Super Cheap! Join. Connect. Get Stuff. Make Films.

Hey All

Today is the final, final LAST DAY to take advantage of  Filmmakers Alliance's extended pre-launch  membership offer of $10 per year (normally $19.99) or $100 for a LIFETIME membership. Or  sign up ten filmmakers and receive a complimentary LIFETIME membership.

Not only will you get all the advantages of  membership, you'll be eligible to win one of the following perks*:
  • A NEW PERK: A free AFM 2014 BadgeIt includes access to Show Floor & Screenings, tickets to the AFM Conference Series, free Wi-Fi throughout the Loews Hotel, one year membership to AFM365™, the AFM's Online Community, access to the AFM Filmmakers Lounge at Le Merigot Hotel, access to the Industry Conversations Series (until full), invitation to an AFM Orientation with AFM Managing Director.
  • A free, one-year subscription package of key cloud-based filmmaking tools. That includes IMDbProSection101CeltxRemark and more.
  • A free one-hour screenwriting consultation from screenwriter/filmmaker (and founding FA member) Sean Hood.  
But again, you must  sign up  by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to be eligible.

Upon launch of site, regular competitions will be held for each perk . One perk per member per year.

Filmmakers Alliance: Connect. Get Stuff. Make Films.


The NEW Filmmakers Alliance website is launching in July 2014, but we are offering an April-only “pre-launch” membership offer of $10 PER YEAR (regularly $19.99). Yes, per year! We are offering this to current and former FA members and others who are part of the FA family.  Sign up anytime between now and midnight TONIGHT for just $10 for membership lasting until May 31st, 2015. Connect with your filmmaking community, get access to amazing resources and  win a free trip to The Sundance Film Festival 2015!! 

Here’s what membership in Filmmakers Alliance gets you:
  • Member connectivity. Hook up with your filmmaking comrades. Get info, support and crew. Go make films together.
  • Profile pages. Detail who you are, what you’re making and what you need. Upload pics and videos. Create groups, forums and events.
  • Downloadable info, education and resources. Actor, crew and vendor databases. Instructional videos. Production forms. Production Software and more.
  • Key links to sites, blogs, tools and other great filmmaking stuff!!
  • Access to donations, discounts, promotions and other partner offers. That includes equipment, software, site subscriptions, Org memberships, festival/competition submissions, event fees and much more.
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We will also be brokering new discounts for FA members throughout the year to such things as festivals, seminars, workshops, rental houses, insurance packages and more. 

So, come be a part of the filmmaking community that Filmmaking Stuff called " one of the ten best filmmaking websites". You’ll get the connectivity, information, resources and support you've always needed, but now you'll also get an immense package of benefits that will make your filmmaking life cheaper and easier - freeing you to be the filmmaker you were born to be. 

For just $10 per year.

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Give yourself the gift of Filmmakers Alliance membership.  NOW.

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