Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Los Angeles is "Cine City" in June!!

Lotsa cine-stuff happening in Los Angeles this month and you will probably see me at ALL of it!!

Here's what's up in scheduled order:

Dances With Films - May 29th (TOMORROW NIGHT) thru June 8th
Los Angeles Greek Film Festival - June 4th thru June 8th
Cinegear - June 5th thru June 8th (don't worry, you can do both!) Exhibits are 6th and 7th
NALIP - June 5th thru June 8th
New Media Film Festival - June 10th and 11th
Los Angeles Film Festival - June 11th thru June 19th

And, I'm certain there's a much more that I'm forgetting - or simply not aware of. And, of course, there's also great stuff like LA Film Forum and Cinefamily, that happens on a regular basis.

Since I am an associate programmer of the LA Film Festival - as well as Filmmakers Alliance being a participating org - you will be hearing a lot more about that fest from me in the upcoming days. But I urge you, if you're in LA, to support your filmmaking community - and yourself - and get out to as much of this as you can!!

See ya there!!

In July:
Downtown Film Festival LA - July 9th thru July 19th
Outfest - July 10th thru July 20th

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