Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two Great FA-Endorsed Films That Need Your Support!

If you can give anything to Independent Film, no better way to support it than giving directly to a film/filmmaker!! Here are two great Projects championed by Filmmakers Alliance that are deserving of your support!

"Forty Years From Yesterday" is the debut feature film from talented filmmakers and Sundance Film Festival alums Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck. Click on this link for further details and to pledge your support:

"David and Goliath" is the award-winning, holocaust-era short film by George Zaverdas that is just beginning it's Academy Award campaign. Click on this link for more details and to pledge your support:

Both projects have modest financial goals that can be reached with YOUR support. Every dollar helps so please consider these two worthy projects, behind which Filmmakers Alliance has thrown its own full support!

Thanks so much in advance!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And Another Great FREE Canon Event....

Digital Cinema Night with Matthew Irving at Canon Hollywood Center

LADIG visits the new Canon Hollywood Professional Technology Center to learn about creating moving pictures with Canon EOS and Cinema EOS products.

Our host will be Canon Explorer of Light, Matthew Irving*. Matthew has been the cinematographer on an eclectic slate of 24 feature films, including Fox Searchlight’s hit romantic comedy Waitress and the Lionsgate teen comedy Waiting. Other feature credits include the indie rave film Groove (which was an Independent Spirit Award nominee), the blues-based Redemption Road (for acclaimed director Mario Van Peebles), and the Sony franchise horror film Quarantine 2: Terminal.

Canon's Hollywood Center is located at the historic Sunset Gower Studios, 6060 Sunset Boulevard.

Free Canon Seminar This Monday 7/30/2012

Wise Choices: Selecting The Right Canon Camera for Your Film Project

Canon rocks. And it's free. Be there.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cool New Creative Hub!

Hey Filmmakers!

Check out this great new creative hub launched by my buddy Davidson Cole and his creative comrades. Great idea and great philosophy for stirring up creative energy. It ROCKS!!

Does The World Need Another Decent Movie?

This is a partial repost of a guest post on Ted Hope's blog. Haven't done one in a while, but this is another great post that shouldn't be missed.

Does The World Need Another Decent Movie?
By Julien Favre

With the world economy on the brink, the current environment has rarely been so tough for independent filmmakers. To get our films made and, even more so, to see them sold and/or distributed, is getting incredibly challenging. Foreign sales estimates for low budget independent films are a tenth of what they used to be pre-2008, and let’s not be fooled by the numbers. We will be happy if we sell at all, even for symbolic numbers. From a filmmaker’s perspective, we have entered a dichotomous world: a shrinking pool of independent films do well; most don’t make any significant business. It is now as if there is only room for one indie hit per year. If you are not that film that everybody wants, you barely exist and your business footprint will be close to zero.....

Click HERE to read the rest of this awesome post!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Competition is over!! Thanks to you all!!

Well, it's over. Unoffically, we didn't quite get there. We climbed from tied for dead last to #3 in two days!! Pretty amazing! Thanks so much to all of you who showed your support and voted...and shared. You all rock!!...We'll get it next year!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VOTE for Filmmakers Alliance...again!!


Don't be lame, help us win the game!!

We NEED your vote again, and it's more important than ever!

Only 2 days left!!

The winner of this voting contest gets a special fundraiser thrown for them with 100% of the proceeds going to the org that wins. With your help, that will be us!! And our victory will directly benefit YOU!!

Creatively Moving LA Forward with EPIP LA and Viva la Art!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrate Independent's Day With Us!

Dear Friends Of Filmmakers Alliance,

Here's a great way to Celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. Support Independents! Support Filmmakers Alliance! We need YOU! -

Our 2012 Crowdfunding Campaign officially ended on June 30th. But it's not over. Although we got a great head start with our Crowdfunding Campaign, we did not reach our goals during the 2-month campaign. Now more than ever, we very much need your support at any level. That means $1, $10, $100, $1000 or any other amount that works for you. Filmmakers Alliance is doing its part to keep Independent Film alive, vibrant and relevant. Your support will do its part to keep FA alive so that it can do all that it does.

Many of you think we'll do just fine without your support. We indeed always seem to land on our feet, but it isn't without a LOT of hard work. And in today's economic climate, even a ton of hard work can't guarantee a positive outcome. So, your individual support is more important than ever!

Please check out our Campaign HERE. Or make a tax-deductible donation now HERE.

Thank you all so much for allowing us to reach out and very special thanks in advance for any contribution you choose to make.