Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mark Your Calendar! MAY 30TH: $50k In A Day: A 24-hour Webathon In Support Of My New Feature "Connection"


 "Connection" is my first feature film in over 10 years and YOU can help me make it!!

 MARK THE DATE: MAY 30TH! (not live until Midnight of the 29th)

 "Connection" is the feature film companion to my award-winning short film "Transaction".

The feature is a different story and circumstance, but very similar approach and aesthetic. "Connection" follows the mood-drenched, but sometimes subtly comic, journey of a couple during their first experience at a swinger's party. The film will use a direct, honest story-telling style that creates a "fly on the wall" experience. However, key subjective moments in the film take us a step deeper inside this dynamic. 

We're having a SINGLE DAY fundraising campaign - MAY 30TH - with a LIVE webathon done old school, Jerry Lewis-style. To see it, click HERE

Why a single day? Because there's no point in hassling you for support for weeks on end. Let's just have some fun and get on with it. 

I'll start broadcasting from midnight of Wednesday the 29th and will be on air continuously until midnight of Thurday, the 30th. I'll mostly be talking and having various film people come on to chat, but will also be having various performers on the LIVE guest channel throughout the 24 hour period. Please check back for the full schedule. 

To see the LIVE guest performances on the day, click HERE and scroll down:

Finally, would love to have YOU call in to chat. Here's my number: 323-397-2164. You'll see me talking to you on the broadcast. If I'm in the middle of something, leave your number and I'll call you back. You can also Skype me and we can both be on the webcast. My Skype name is jacquesthelemaque.

Beyond all that, would love as much support as you are comfortable with, of course. Let's hit our goal and turn this unique fundraising process into a real success story. 

Thanks so much for your support, however it shapes up. 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Movies you can help make!!

If you haven't already noticed, from time to time, I'll be posting crowdfunding projects you can support to which I have a personal relationship and/or I think are just really awesome.
Here's two very good ones, both from the Filmmakers Alliance family....

Secrets Of An Unborn Child
by Evelyne and Gabriela Tollman
In Secrets Of An Unborn Child the lives of two sisters intersect. Clare loses her baby and Anna, in the midst of an emotional crisis, inadvertently abandons her child. The film follows the two sisters as they overcome their worst fears and help each other rebuild their lives.
For more info/details, click here:

Andrei Tarkovsky Documentary: 
Time Within Time
by PJ Letofsky
A poetic documentary into the life, love, and work of Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, based on his diary and those who knew him best...
For more info/details, click here:

And one more from our friends down in Dallas......

THE BAD - A Comedy Series from the Fires of Hell / Suburbia
by Blair Rowan starring Chris Gardner

A comedic webseries following the trials and tribulations of the world's most unsuccessful and delusional garage rock band, The Bad.

For more info/details, click here:

Thanks so much for the support, all!!

The Art Of Asking

The following is a repost of Peter Broderick's excellent distribution newsletter....


Amanda Palmer has made an art of asking for help. In May 2012, the singer-songwriter ran a 30-day Kickstarter campaign seeking $100,000 to finance a new album, a tour, and an art book. 24,883 fans contributed and she raised $1,192,793 (five times more than any other Kickstarter music project).

Her campaign video is one of the best crowdfunding pitches ever. It conveys her goals, her passion, and her persona in 3 minutes. Her music drives the video and her spirit makes it infectious and irresistible.

Amanda’s recent TED talk on The Art of Asking is required viewing for filmmakers and other artists determined to maintain their creative independence. More than 2.7 million people have watched it in two months.

To read the whole article, click here: