Sunday, July 14, 2013

Two more awesome projects to support!

Hey All!

Reaching out again for your small bit of support on a couple of great projects. 

One is a doc on the amazing and legendary ROB NILSSON - admittedly a great personal friend of mine, but also an amazingly talented, prolific and ground-breaking TRULY independent filmmaker. They are only trying to raise $600 bucks with 13 days left, so I hope it's a no-brainer to show your support. But let's push them far past their way-too-modest goal.

Also, my extremely talented buddy Justin Grizzofi is finally doing his feature "Speedwagon". It will be an awesome film that he's doing for far less money than his talent deserves. Check out his Kickstarter page and see some of what the film will have to offer.

Thanks so much, all!!