Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Links To More Articles N' Stuff....

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I also write a regular column for the FA Magazine called Collectively Speaking. Also, have done a few other assorted articles...

Here are the links to the isssues of FA Magazine that has them:

Collectively Speaking - Spring 05 - "Film, Politics, and The Art of Garbage" where I rant about making choices as a filmmaker.

Collectively Speaking - Fall 05 - "I Am, Therefore I Film" - Where I define what it means to be a filmmaker.

Collectively Speaking - Spring 06 - “Why We’re All Sick Of Crappy Movies And What We’re Finally Going To Do About It!” - The title says it all.

Collectively Speaking - Fall 06 - Where I go on and on about filmmakers and their egos and how to make the most of your own. Also, a great Part 1 article about the self-distribution of our feature film "The Dogwalker".

Collectively Speaking - Spring 07 - Where I insist we "Pull Together!" and extoll the virtues of collectivism. Also, Part 2 of our adventures self-distributing "The Dogwalker".

Collectively Speaking - Fall 07 - Where I harangue about change and how it benefits a filmmaker.

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