Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The First Of Many...

So, I'm diving into this whole blog thing. Seems to be some demand for it, although I often wonder where people find the time to read blogs, comment on them, listen to and download music, watch youtube videos, surf myspace and/or other community/dating sites, play video games, watch regular television (cable stations, of course) or any other myriad of activities that seem to emcompass the new models of human activity.

This, of course, does not include the traditional things that are still somewhat in vogue like reading a book, engaging in real person-to-person conversations, taking walks, going out for dinner and...of course....watching a movie. Time just seems to be in such short supply when you are a filmmaker - constantly scrounging to keep a roof over your head while developing projects and, if you're lucky, shooting them, completing them and then getting them out into the world.

Hopefully, this blog will provide some insight into how I make it happen and ways that you might create or maintain your own life as a filmmaker.

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Good timing to start this because I just got back from NY where I was at the IFP Market - an annual pilgrimage that I always love, but that always reminds me of both the joys and horrors of a filmmakers life. Here's a few quick observations:

- The IFP Market is always fun and exciting. It can also be odd and dispiriting. In good measue because the filmmakers are collectively driven by equal parts inspiration and desperation. Both generate a lot of passion but affect you in completely contradictory ways.

- Also, this disparate mix of energies comes from some of the realities of the market itself. So many projects, so little money (and other kinds of support). Of course, not all projects should get money and support. But there are so many accomplished folks involved and on panels, yet so little real direction, information and support. Of course, the IFP Market folks have to wrangle in these accomplished folks or no one would attend the conference. But so few of them have any real relevance nor offer any truly relevant information to nascent filmmakers. Still there is always those projects that find support and that little gem of info that squeaks out...and that's all that's needed to maintain the sense of hope and enthusiasm.

- Filmmakers, as a whole, have incredibly active and vibrant imaginations. The downside is that they are often unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality in how they approach the realization of their projects and how they conduct their filmmaking lives. Nonetheless, the market is a huge confluence of talent. Hearing about their projects and feeling their passion is very infectious.

- I love NY. Especially in the spring - even though it is horribly over-priced.

- Being from L.A., the indie film community in NY makes me incredibly jealous.

- Filmmakers, as a whole, prefer schmoozing to dancing. Understood, but it would really be great if we could find some way to do both.

Well, that's it. My inaugural blog. Not especially brilliant observations, but I'm jet-lagged. Also, I am going to put up a number of articles and eblasts that I'd put out earlier in other places. I will label them in such a way that you now that are somewhat archival blogs. But, some great stuff in there, if I do say so myself.

That wasn't so bad, after all. Let's see if I can keep it up. See ya next time.



  1. I far, far, FAR prefer dancing to schmoozing.

    That's all the comment for which I have time right now -- gotta get back to making film!

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