Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Distribution Support

Do you want distribution for your independent film?

Ever wonder why such bad movies get financed and distributed while talented filmmakers and projects get passed on again and again?

Would you like to know how to develop a distribution strategy, get your movie distributed to multiple outlets, and start making a living as a filmmaker?

If you're interested in making a movie that gets distribution, the good news is that help is on the way! FILM DISTRIBUTION KIT is a comprehensive educational program dedicated to film distribution and the marketplace. Created by Stacey Parks, a former foreign sales agent and author of The Insiders Guide to Independent Film Distribution (Focal Press), the FILM DISTRIBUTION KIT will show you how, with a few little-known distribution secrets, you can take control of your filmmaking career.

Not only will your work gain audience recognition worldwide, but you will be able to sell your films for a profit and make a real career out of filmmaking. Get yours here with the Filmmakers Alliance special discount: http://www.FilmSpecific.com/KitPromo


Join the hundreds of other members of Film Specific who are getting distribution for their films, programs, and other content...and making profits in the process.

Film Specific will give you access to actual Distributors and other independent film Experts, plus Buyers Lists and other resources aimed at connecting YOU with worldwide independent film distributors. Whether you are going after Traditional Distribution, Self-Distribution, or both - you'll get the ongoing support you need as we hold your hand through the entire process. Go ahead...put the odds in your favor!

Subscribe to Film Specific before Sunday, April 27th and get our special ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY bonuses! Just go here to see all we have to offer you: http://www.filmspecific.com/public/10.cfm


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