Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So, what the hell have I been doing?....

....If I haven't been writing blogs?

Not that anyone is asking, but I'm gonna answer my own question, anyway. Why? Because this blog is called A Filmmaker's Life. So, here's my filmmaking life the last few years - challenging, revelatory, infuriating, all-consuming, fulfilling, disappointing, fun, exhausting and more, as always. I'll probably blog a bit about each thing over time, but here's the capsulized version.

  • First and foremost, I've been living and enjoying life (most of the time, anyway). Anybody who has spent time with me over these last few years knows that whatever is going on with me - personal or professional - I always make room for having a good time. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade....and put vodka in it. Or, get a new life. :)
  • Spent far too much time obsessing on the end-all, be-all website for filmmakers. I've been working on it since '07. 1907, that is. Or at least it feels like it. I plotted, planned, schemed and dreamed. I worked with designers, I sought out techies, I solicited investors, I pitched to sponsors, I reached out to partners, I hunted for tools, I sought out other sites, I built and rebuilt it on paper and in my head dozens of time. But alas, was not to be. Not by my own hand, anyway. So, of course, just when I finally set it aside, I meet Kiran Sanka, who shares the "vision" (disease is probably more like it). So, I'm still in it, albeit from a more distanced perspective. The current incarnation is this: But there's much more to come....I hope.
  • Still doing other Filmmakers Alliance stuff, although less and less of it as we re-tool the organization and re-emerge in a way more relevant to the current filmmaking climate. But in the meantime, still facilitating production, connecting peeps, doing fiscal sponsorship, holding get-togethers and festival parties and hosting too-inconsistent screenings at the Echo Park Film Center. And, of course, always fundraising....Yucch. :) 
  • Taught screenwriting and acting on camera at AMDA for two semesters. The whole teaching experience is definitely worthy of it's own post. You know the cruel saying, "Those who can't do, teach"?....It haunted me. 
Notice the charming student on the left showing
me what he'd rather be doing....

  • Got heavily involved with 3rd Page, which was started by my friends Davidson Cole and Tom Bailey. 3 page scripts every week based on a prompt. LOTS there to talk about.
  • Produced a couple things - including a Coke Zero commercial, of all things. Also, consulted on LOTS of films - through Filmmakers Alliance and outside of it. I know a lot of paid consultants who do pretty well helping filmmakers AND being compensated for their time/expertise. I haven't figured out that second half yet. I guess I'm just a guy who can't say no. But I'm going to learn. Or at least figure out how best to be of service AND value my time/knowledge.
  • I've been part of the programmed team for LA Film Festival for the last few years. I'm an Associate Progammer, which is basically those of us not part of the in-house programming team who bring an outside perspective to films that aren't actively soliciting. Love doing it and gives me great inside perspective on the process - and the filmmaking zeitgeist. Not sure if they'll ask me back because they like to keep the mix fresh. But if they do, I'm there, again.
  • Before I settled on the film I am about to make, "Connection", I spent a lot of time developing feature and t.v. show ideas - sketching out concepts, writing treatments, exploring characters, etc. T.V. is kinda awesome these days, so I would love to be a part of the current renaissance as it plays out on cable (network still mostly sucks), but have never written a t.v. script. Gonna do one soon.
There ya have it. And more, of course. But I can't think of everything in one blog post. And I have something more to say about all of it. Stay tuned....

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