Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm back!

Yes, it's true.

It's been, effectively, a two-year hiatus from this blog. Sure, I've posted stuff, but nothing personal. Nothing that really speaks to the title of this blog. The drought is over.

Partially, because I am about to make a film and nothing can speak more directly to the title of this blog than chronicling the step-by-step process of making this film. (our Twitter page is up, so please follow us:

But also, because I have not felt I had anything new to share...and now I do.

I've often marveled at people who can keep their blogs fresh and relevant on a consistent basis year in and year out. I'm not that guy. I need to build up new experiences and develop or change perspectives to feel I am sharing anything I haven't said before....and have it be meaningful.

A lot of filmmaking things have happened in the last couple of years, so I'm going to share in pieces. For now, gonna leave you with a behind the scenes cell phone shot of the behind-the-scenes from a photo shoot we did to develop key art for the film (we don't shoot until 2014) - as well as the synopsis. But the subsequent posts will be about all aspects of my filmmaking life mingled with regular posts about the film. So, let the journey begin....


"CONNECTION" follows the mood-drenched, sometimes subtly comic, journey of a young couple during their first experience at a “lifestyle” (swinger) party. 

It is told in the style of "Transaction" (, with a direct, honest story-telling style that creates a "fly on the wall" experience. However, key subjective moments in the story take us a step deeper inside this dynamic.

Benjamin and Melissa Hughes seem to have an ideal relationship on all levels. But a vague need for something “more” coupled with a desire to fully explore their sexuality, compels them to an attend a party, and be introduced to a growing sexual culture, that will amuse, titillate and ultimately challenge them individually…and as a couple.

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