Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Presented by Sundance Institute
Saturday, August 6, Cinefamily@The Silent Movie Theatre

Don't miss our first-ever Comedy ShortsLab: LA, a one-day symposium on the craft of comedic short form filmmaking and exhibition.

New participants include Mike White (Year of The Dog, School of Rock, Freaks and Geeks), and Danny Pudi (Community), and Romany Malco (The 40-Year-Old Virgin).

Other participants include Julie Delpy (2 Days in Paris), Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Bobcat Goldthwait (World's Greatest Dad), Troy Miller (Flight of the Conchords, Parks and Recreation), Miguel Arteta (Cedar Rapids, The Good Girl), Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast, Producer of Between Two Ferns), the creative, production, and marketing team from Funny or Die, and more.

Tickets are $200. Click here for more info.

Comedy ShortsLab: LA Program Lineup
  • Creating Comedy - From creating a comedic premise to finding what works for an audience, tune into this discussion around the discovery and development of the comedic voice.
  • Performance Enhancement - A conversation about the sometimes turbulent but always vital relationship between actors and directors. From rehearsals and blocking, to improv and timing, we look at what works best and what doesn't work at all.
  • Funny or Die: Creating Hit Online Comedy - Funny or Die walks us through the creation process of the funniest web videos online today from writing, directing, producing, distributing, and marketing to case studies on specific videos.
  • From Short Script to Short Film - A roundtable conversation with the team behind several montage films for the Academy Awards, including Troy Miller and his veteran short-form collaborators as they share insights on comedic timing, structure, and production.
  • Make ‘em Laugh: Signature Styles Connecting to Ideal Audiences - Filmmakers who have created a loyal fan base with their distinctive short films share the path they forged to finding their voice and their audience.
  • Cocktail and Networking Reception

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