Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Distributor ReportCard from The Film Collaborative

The following is a repost from awesome consultant Sheri Candler. Check out her blog!

Distributor ReportCard from The Film Collaborative
By Sheri Candler
My friends at The Film Collaborative have devised a resource for indie filmmakers to use called the Distributor ReportCard. According to their site "Distributor ReportCard™ gives filmmakers and producers a chance to SCHOOL THE DISTRIBUTORS. Write reviews, share your experiences and learn from other filmmakers' successes or mistakes.
Simply click on one of the distributors to the left and you'll be taken to the info page for that distributor. All information is gathered from their respective website and is not based on a TFC review. Speak your mind. Create or join a discussion about a specific distributor."

Some have expressed confusion over how to use the site, so this blog post should explain how to use the Distributor ReportCard.

You are welcome to share experiences, good and bad, and if you don't see the name of your distributor, you can add it. While I know that many filmmakers are afraid to leave negative comments about their distributors, we will be a stronger community if we all share the knowledge we have. I think a resource like this is invaluable to helping all of us make more informed choices.

Let TFC know what you think. Leave a comment on the blog post or on their Facebook page

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