Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sundance and Indie Film Distribution

Below is the grim reality from my friend Marc Rosenbush. But, he has an answer.....

Dear Filmmakers,

After months of buildup and ten days of screenings, parties and swag bags, Sundance 2008 is over and the stats are in...

There's been a lot of buzz in the trades about how more truly independent films (i.e., without stars) sold compared to previous years, and how this heralds a bright future for indie filmmakers everywhere.

Sorry to be the bearer of grim news, but things are not so rosy.

The ratio of non-star films to star films may have been a tiny bit better, but the total number of films sold (as of today, around 20) was about the same as always. This despite industry-wide predictions that distributors would be in a buying frenzy because of the WGA strike.

So let's break down the numbers:

This year 3,624 feature-length films were submitted for consideration to the Sundance programming team. That's about 500 more submissions than in 2006.

Out of all those submission, only 121 (about 3%) were chosen to screen at the festival.

Of the 121 that got in, 20 were sold.

Now if you take away the films that had stars in them and the documentaries about famous people (or BY famous people), that leaves just 13 "true indies" that sold.

In other words, of the 3,624 features submitted this year, LESS THAN HALF A PERCENT ended up with a deal.

As for the deals themselves, while there were a few big sales in the $3-10 million range, all of those films had STARS in them!

Of the 13 non-star films that sold, only a couple sold for $1 million or more.


None of the above is meant to be an attack on Sundance. The programmers mean well, they work hard, and they do the best they can.

So by all means, submit your film. It's a great festival.

But even if you get in, NEVER assume that getting into Sundance guarantees a sale of my film.

And NEVER assume that every offer from a distributor is automatically worth taking (whether at Sundance or elsewhere).

I'll leave you on a more positive note...

No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says, YOU have the power. It's YOUR film. YOU get to decide how it gets out into the world.

Wishing you and your film all the success in the world,

Marc Rosenbush
"Internet Marketing For Filmmakers"



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  2. HI can you provide me with any ebook related to Indie Film Distribution please?

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