Sunday, November 22, 2015

SHOOTOUT! 48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge - Dec. 12th/13th - Deadline for application: Nov. 30th

SHOOTOUT! is a quick-draw filmmaking challenge testing your filmmaking marksmanship by giving you the chance to make an AMAZING short film in less than 48 hours. 

10 chosen filmmaking teams will create a film based on pre-selected scripts provided by the 3rd Page writing collective. 

Starting Saturday morning, each team has until Sunday evening to shoot and post their film with a screening and celebration to be held that Sunday night. The films will be judged by a panel of industry veterans with the winning film receiving $5,000 in cash, goods and services toward their next short film!

Canon C300‘s cameras with lenses, along with a small lighting/sound package and post software will be provided to the filmmakers by Canon, Samy's, Birns and Sawyer, AdobeFilmmakers Alliance and other partners. A pool of acting talent will also be made available by Deborah Lemen Acting Studio. All else will be the responsibility of the filmmakers. 

SHOOTOUT! is scheduled for the weekend of Dec. 12-13.


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