Sunday, September 30, 2012

IndieWire Articles On New Distribution Platform Options

Hey Filmmakers!

Here's a couple of Indiewire articles on new film distribution options for you to check out! Keep in mind, like most DIY options, they demand a lot of marketing work from YOU. Yeah, I know you're sick of thinking about distribution and having to wear one too many hats....But still, it's nice to know that more and more DIY distribution options are emerging online, each tweaking the model just enough to push the DIY paradigm forward. Check em' out:

Attention Vimeo Filmmakers! Make Money on Your Films Today!

Internet Veterans Behind VHX Hold the Future of Distribution... If You've Been Developing Your Film's Online Presence


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    Take a glance at Dr. Phil's show on Weds. 10/17 where discusses this topic and Mira's appearance as she promotes her movie.

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