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Legendary Filmmaker Rob Nilsson To Open Classes

Dear friend and legendary filmmaker Rob Nilsson sent me the following, that I am sending on to all of you. Both classes are an amazing opportunity for actors AND directors!


Hello Everyone,

Here are a couple of classes I'm giving. If you're interested, or if there is anyone out there you think could benefit, please contact me. The classes provide unique opportunities to explore the emotional, cathartic side of acting. I've been getting terrific results from people who want to explore these experiences in person. Others, unable to make it to the class, have benefited from on going class notes which can be sent by e-mail. I'm also available for one on one coaching.

I've spent a lot of years making features here and around the world. This is a class which comes from dust in the hair and blood under the fingernails. I think anyone could benefit.


Expressivity for the Actor (8 classes)

Quotes from Actors

This workshop is truly amazing! It encourages actors to dig deep within and to express themselves fully and without limitations. I recommend it to anyone who wants to grow as an actor.
Penny Werner: Actor

"Direct Action" with Rob Nilsson is an explosive acting experience. He motivates and provokes moments of beauty and human experience out of his actors.
Vincent Leddy: Actor

Extremely liberating and totally unpredictable! You often end up surprising yourself in ways you didn't even think were possible. Highly recommend.
Galina Pasternak: Actor

Class Description

Through his unique approach, the internationally-acclaimed, distinguished filmmaker Rob Nilsson will teach Actors how to experience strong emotion, cathartic energy and powerful human connection. Exercises in relaxation, concentration and strong emotional commitment will be used to enhance confidence and to eliminate mental blocking.

Through the techniques of Direct Action, a system designed for the creation of dynamic cinema, we will work to enhance the Actor's natural gifts, encourage free and courageous performances and to eliminate pre-conceptions, excessive rationality and fear of failure. The goal is an Actor alive in the moment and fierce in the expression of all things human.

All class-work will be recorded with digital-cameras on thumbdrives that the students will keep for their own records and further viewing.

Two Levels of the Class will be offered, at different times:

  1. All Comers: for beginner-to-experienced Actors
  2. Master Class: for highly experienced, seasoned Actors: workout and tune-up intensives.

Both classes are for 8-weeks and can be scheduled on Weeknights (7 pm - 10 pm) and/or on Weekends (12 pm - 3 pm).

Start dates: the week of April 4, 2011
Instructor: Rob Nilsson
Tuition: $400 for 8 weeks or $50 per class for "Drop-Ins".
Prerequisite: Approval of Rob Nilsson at:
For further INFO: please email Celik Kayalar at:

Rob Nilsson has made 30 feature-films and has won numerous international awards including the Camera d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, the Grand Prize at Sundance, the San Francisco Critics Circle Marlon Riggs Award and several Lifetime Achievement citations. In June of this year, the Moscow Film Festival will hold a retrospective of his work.

"Direct Action Cinema" Workshop for Actors & Directors (8 classes)

Quotes from Previous Workshops

Rob Nilsson's Workshop was a transformative experience. It was inspiring and liberating to meet other directors and actors, to work, experiment, and create together, and to challenge our fears and limitations under Rob's guidance.
Josh Peterson: Writer-Director

Rob's charisma, knowledge, and experience has gone way beyond inspiring me. It has shaken my very core foundation, it has allowed me to free myself of my own mental blocks and fears, and get rid of any falseness that sometimes gets in the way in traditional methods of movie making.
Tiziana Perinotti: Writer-Director

It's been a long time since I've felt this creatively energized!
Arthur Vibert: Writer-Director

Rob keeps it real. His style, his instruction, his direction is real. As an actress in his class, I felt free to express and that's what it's about. I was honored to learn from him.
Taylor Brock: Actor

What I discovered, then explored in Rob's Workshop was beyond any film workshop that I had ever experienced: The truth of the human experience. I now use "Direct Action" approach to prepare and rehearse scripted work. I highly recommend Rob's "Direct Action" Cinema Workshops.
Micci Toliver: Actor

Working with Rob is a pleasure. He is passionate without being pushy. He lets things unfold without forcing and being intrusive, pretty much what directing is all about.
Marianne Shine: Actor

Workshop Description

Direct Action Cinema is a grass roots method for conceiving and producing contemporary dramatic feature films. Developed by director Rob Nilsson, its techniques have been practiced in his films which have won the Camera d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, the Grand Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, and numerous other international awards.

In this 8-week class, we will screen films done with Direct Action techniques, discuss the underlying ideas behind them, and practice the acting and directing methods used in their production. Working in teams, we will conceive and shoot Direct Action scenes to provide first hand experience of the method (all equipment including digital cameras required for shooting the scenes will be provided).

All class-work will be recorded with digital cameras on thumbdrives for the workshop participants to review and keep.

Directors and Actors of all levels of experience can enroll. A sample of short-films & clips generated during the previous workshops can be seen at Videos.

Start date: April 28, 2011
Class time: Thursdays, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm (8 classes on: April 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26, June 2, 9, 16)
Instructor: Rob Nilsson
Prerequisite: Rob Nilsson & Celik Kayalar's approval at
Tuition: Directors - $400; Actors - $300 (Payment Plans are available. Please inquire.)

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