Friday, September 11, 2009

Cinereach Grants & Awards

Recently tumbled across this amazing organization called - Cinereach. Don't know the people behind it, but would love to. They seem to be doing something almost no one else is doing - helping fund films that matter.

This is from their site:

Each year Cinereach gives up to $500,000 in grants and awards to documentary & narrative films.

Cinereach funds artful narrative and documentary films that depict underrepresented perspectives, cross international boundaries and start meaningful conversations. Film projects that are consistent with Cinereach’s ethos favor good storytelling over didacticism and complexity over traditional duality. Cinereach-supported films also demonstrate creativity, visual artistry and take a character-based approach.

Grants are awarded to films at any stage: development, production, post-production, audience building and/or distribution. The Cinereach grant committee meets twice a year to review grant applications. Please check the “Submit a Letter of Inquiry” page for more information.

Check them out at

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